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The doctor is in. Yes, we’ve been called a “brand psychologist” because we conduct intimate sessions with key stakeholders, where we ask, listen and pull-out the truth about your brand, it’s essence, tone and manner…and the truth isn’t always pretty. But trust us, we’re specialists and we will build the tools you need to evolve your existing brand or create a new one.


We consume large amounts of complex business detail for breakfast, scope out your markets at lunch, uncover discreet needs and agendas for a healthy snack, and indulge in your brand essence. Then we translate that into strategic marketing solutions and experience design that connects people with your brand across multiple platforms.


We specialize in content strategy, development and production of stories that express your brand across multiple platforms to engage, inform and drive results. Contact us for samples from our portfolio of work in digital signage, social media, television series, print and corporate communications.


Both sides of the brain are firing here at HypeHouse. From creative twists on storytelling to pioneering consumer experience at the intersection of marketing, entertainment and technology, our creative is based on strong strategic insights that provide the necessary guideposts for developing innovative solutions that stretch the boundaries of possibility.

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